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Educating You About Your Surgery

Preparation can improve the success of your surgery and recovery. From total hip replacement to shoulder replacement to any type of other joint resurfacing or replacement, we encourage you to register for our joint replacement class. We offer this class to prepare you and your family for the challenges and changes of joint surgery and to help you understand the rehabilitation process necessary for a full, healthy rehabilitation and recovery.

You will attend a preoperative interview several days before your joint surgery. This helps us identify any special needs you may have and answer questions about anything you do not understand.

Before your surgery, you will be assigned a healthcare team. Your team is comprised of multidisciplinary, highly skilled, compassionate and caring healthcare professionals. Their expertise is wide-ranging and includes performing hundreds of some of the most difficult procedures in the field. They will work with you and your family to create a treatment and recovery plan. We want to reduce you pain, improve your mobility and help you get back to an active lifestyle.

For more information, call Gwinnett Medical Center at 678-312-5000.