Expert Orthopedic Care for Any Musculoskeletal Condition or Injury

Bone, joint and muscle pain can be debilitating whether it’s due to injury, overuse or a chronic condition like arthritis. Not only can constant discomfort keep you away from work and play, it can also lead to long-term mobility issues or negatively impact other areas of the body. At Gwinnett Medical Center, we’re committed to uncovering the source of your orthopedic pain and providing solutions that set you on the path to improved health and wellness. Our orthopedists diagnose and treat a range of orthopedic issues, including:

Our Patients’ Needs Always Come First

When you enter our doors, the first thing you’ll notice is how much we care about our patients and their road to recovery. Our board-certified orthopedists will assess your condition by completing a thorough physical examination and ordering any imaging tests needed, including x-rays, or more advanced imaging tests such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT). Based on this information, our orthopedic team will either start you on a defined treatment plan based on the latest standards of care or refer you to one of several specialists on staff who can further address your condition.

Commitment to Nonsurgical Interventions

Gwinnett Medical Center relies on a variety of non-invasive therapies to help patients experience less pain and recover from injury faster. These may include bracing or splinting, medications, activity changes, focused exercises and steroid injections. We also offer comprehensive educational programs to help patients avoid injury. For example, our Fall and Injury Prevention Program teaches patients and families how to identify potential fall risks and follow easy steps to reduce the chances of an unexpected event.

Contact Us for More Information about your Orthopedic Care 

If you have questions about orthopedic care – or need to see an orthopedic specialist, our team at Gwinnett Medical Center can help. Our orthopedic experts are committed to helping you get back to the activities you love. For more information about our general orthopedic services or to make an appointment, call 678-312-5000.



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